“Today I had the honor of interviewing Renee Nickell. Renee is a gold star sibling, who continues to carry the torch for her brother, "Samuel Griffith", in her new book, "Always My Hero". Samuel Griffith was a Marine F18 fighter pilot, as well as a Forward Air Controller who lost his life fighting for his country, during his deployment in Afghanistan.”


“Her 2018 book, Always My Hero: The Road to Hope & Healing Following My Brother's Death in Afghanistan, offers a powerful testimony of one gold star sibling as she navigates the difficult stages of grief while her husband and children shared in her difficult days. She not only lost a big brother, she lost the man that had been a father figure to her. In fact, Sam Griffith had been a big brother and father figure to many.”

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“Renee Nickell is grateful to be honored at the Lincoln Day dinner being held at Mar-a-Lago. President Donald Trump, who just arrived in town, is expected to make an appearance.”

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