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Manes and Reins: A Gold Star Sister’s Journey to Healing

Blog post from Military Connection: I had heard the term PTSD as it related to war heroes, but I did not know much about its impacts on civilians. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental affliction that can cause one to be hyper-vigilant, aggressive, easily angered, subjected to nightmares, depression, anxiety and more. After my brother, Major Samuel Griffith, was suddenly and tragically killed in Afghanistan, I did not even realize I, personally, had PTSD.

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Did you say...forgive?

Yikes!  That pesky little word always turns up at the exact moment someone cuts you off in traffic…especially by your toddler who just learned that Jesus told us to forgive everyone in Sunday school.  Wait…Everyone?  Even that person who lied to cover their deceit, or that person who slandered you, or mocked you.  What about that best friend that gossiped and told your deepest secrets in an effort to seek “prayer”?

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